Can I give my accountant access to my Lili account?

Lili enables account owners to grant 'view and export' access to their accountant. While the accountant will not be able to make any transactions / payments using the account, they will have the ability to:

 - access and export your transaction history
 - access your Profit and Loss, Schedule C and 1120S reports
 - access all invoices
 - access all bills

If you have the Lili Smart or Lili Premium account plan, you can follow the simple steps below to give your accountant access:

1. Using Lili's web access, sign into your Lili account
2. Click on your ‘Profile Details’ at the top right
3. Click on “Invite an Accountant” (see screenshot below)
4. Provide your accountant's email and sign/agree to the related terms
5. Your accountant will be invited to create their own credentials.

1.  You will also be able to easily remove access, or Re-invite the accountant by clicking on ‘Profile Details’ at the top right
2. You can only grant one accountant access per Lili account
3. For security reasons, invitations will expire in 30 days.


Note: The Invite an Accountant feature is only available for Lili business deposit accounts opened through Sunrise Banks, N.A., Member FDIC


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