How do I dispute a transaction?

If you see an unauthorized transaction on your Lili account, you should immediately freeze your Lili card and call Lili's Customer Service as the best contact method for reporting a dispute. 
Keep in mind the following:
 - when you file a dispute for an unauthorized transaction, your Lili card will be cancelled and a new card will be issued; make sure that the physical address listed on your Lili account is correct before you report the dispute, as the card will be sent to the address on file
 - for extra security, you should update the PIN associated with your Lili card and you should change the passwords needed to sign in to your Lili App and to access the email associated with your Lili account (for more information please refer to Lili’s Help Center article on setting a strong password and our blog post on this topic)
When filing a dispute with Lili, you will need to provide the following:
 - the number of transactions being disputed
 - the date, dollar amount and merchant name for each transaction
When disputing authorized transactions involving merchandise or a service, you should first contact the merchant to see if they are willing to refund the charges or replace the merchandise. If the merchant is unwilling to help, you will need to provide the following information when disputing the charges through Lili:
 - any written communication with the merchant about the issue
 - photos of the damaged or defective merchandise
 - details about the shipment, delivery of the product, confirmation email and tracking number 
 - invoice or receipt showing payment

Once a dispute is filed, it may take up to 90 days to receive the dispute decision. At any point, when the decision is made, the customer is notified. Under Regulation E, provisional credit is not offered for business accounts.

Very important:  don't share your account details, credentials and/or multi-factor authentication (MFA) with anyone, as Lili representatives will never ask for that type of personal security information !!!



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