My Lili Account and FreshBooks

Lili provides seamless accounting tools to manage your business including expense categorization, tax tools and invoicing, as part of the app.

If you are already working with FreshBooks don't worry, we've got you covered. Sync Lili transactional data into you FreshBooks account and keep your invoicing and billing simple.


How do I connect my Lili account with FreshBooks?

To connect your Lili account to FreshBooks, please do the following:

  1. After signing up with FreshBooks, sign into the FreshBooks account.
  2. On the Dashboard view, click the gear icon
  3. Go to the 'Bank Connections' page
  4. Click "Find Your Bank" and search 'Lili' and choose the Lili option provided
  5. In the next window, you will be asked to provide your Lili credentials (email address and password) in order to sign into your Lili account. Click on ‘Continue’.
  6. Select your account and click 'Import'
  7. In the next screen, underneath your bank account number, choose the date to pull your transaction history (Default is last 90 day)

When completed, importing will start and you will be able to streamline your accounting.

Once your Lili account is connected to FreshBooks, it will automatically send transactions to FreshBooks on a daily basis.


Where can I find my Lili transactions in FreshBooks?

After connecting to the FreshBooks dashboard, your transactions can be viewed under the 'Bank reconciliation' and the various dashboard widgets.


How do you sync Lili's data with FreshBooks?

Once you’ve connected your Lili account to FreshBooks, your transaction data for the period you chose will automatically be uploaded on a daily basis.


How much does FreshBooks cost?

There is no cost to use the FreshBooks integration on the Lili app. If you need to create a FreshBooks account, there are different price options and features to choose from. Please refer to the FreshBooks website. 



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