Can I receive wire transfers to my Lili Account?

Yes, Lili customers can receive domestic wire transfers with no limit and no fee.* 

We understand the importance of having fast access to your funds. By receiving incoming domestic wire transfers, you will have access to your funds by no later than the next business day after the funds are received (as long as the wire is received by 4pm ET on any business day).

For information on how you can receive a domestic wire transfer, please go here

Please note that it isn't possible yet to receive international wire transfers. 

For more information about wire transfers, please refer to Lili's Terms and Conditions.

*A fee may be applied to the sender of the wire transfer, by their wire provider.


The Wire Transfer feature is being made available through Lili's partnership with Column Bank N.A., Member FDIC. All wires are subject to acceptance criteria and risk-based review and may be rejected at the sole discretion of Column Bank N. A. or Lili App Inc.